Document Conversion Services

Let GSI take care of your scanning needs for you! No matter what type of documents you have — accounting, HR, legal, medical, etc. — we'll pick them up, prepare, scan, index, and output your data into your own system for easy access. You can even access them online through Netdox! Our facility is completely secure and your documents are logged in and out with our "secure document tracking system". Our process is simple, secure, efficient and affordable.

We will pick-up your documents or arrange to have them shipped to us.

Your documents are then logged into our secure document tracking system

Each document is prepared in a manner that ensures final image quality.

GSI scans your documents using top-of-the line high-speed scanners and image enhancement technology to achieve speed, accuracy and crisp, clean images.

All pertinent information is then accurately indexed by reading barcodes, performing OCR, ICR, OMR functions and manual indexing.

We then output your documents and data into ANY backend imaging system including Legato, FileNET, Documentum, IBM, Eastman Software, etc. You can even choose to receive your data through a secure FTP site.

Feeling overwhelmed by boxes and boxes of documents? You know you need to get them scanned and indexed but there's just never enough time. Let GSI help you catch-up!

Safe — Your documents are logged in and out with our document tracking system. Both internal and external building access is completely secure.

Fast and Accurate — We pick up your documents or work with you to arrange shipment to us. Trained service workers and technicians work quickly and effectively to make sure your job is done right and on time. We then load it directly into your own backend system or give you the option of accessing your information online via NetDox.

Cost-effective — Our service is inexpensive and eliminates the need for you to hire and train additional personnel.

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Do you have a steady stream of documents — applications, legal forms, receipts, etc. — that you need scanned and indexed? GIS image can help you stay on top of things with our ongoing scanning service.

We'll pick it up for you! — For local clients, we can schedule pick-ups as often as you like. And if you are national, we'll be happy to work with your shipping company to make sure everything stays secure and on schedule.

Safe — Your documents are logged in and out with our document tracking system. Both internal and external building access is completely secure.

Fast and Accurate — Our trained service bureau and technical employees work quickly and effectively to make sure your job is done right and on time. We then load it directly into your own backend .

Cost-effective — Our service is economical compared to in-house scanning or other scanning services providers. It also eliminates the need for you to hire and train extra personnel or purchase additional equipment

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Not located in Virginia, but want to take advantage of our economical pricing and educated workforce? No problem. Simply ship your documents to us! GIS is experienced in providing our out-of-state clients with the best in customer and technical service.

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Affordability— Because Virginia cost of living is lower than any other major city in the West, competitive salaries are often much lower than in other high-tech hubs. This allows us to pass on the savings to you.

Quality Workforce— Utah's workforce is known for being educated, productive and tech-savvy. We rank 4th in the nation for adults who have completed high school and produce more than 29,000 college graduates each year. GIS takes great pride in our highly skilled employees. You can rest assured that your project will be done accurately and on time.

And last but not least, GSI is simply the best— Whether it's on a local or national level, you won't find a better company in the document management industry. With over 20 years of experience, the quality of services and products we provide just keeps getting better and better. We guarantee it.

Imagine having a complete document management system without having to purchase a single piece of equipment or software.

is an application hosted by GSI that allows our clients to access their scanned and indexed information online via a secure website. If you need to look-up a document, you simply log-in and access it right from your computer. It's that simple!

It is the ideal solution for companies that have multiple offices — the New York and Washington offices can access the same information. It is also a perfect fit for companies that don't have the IT resources or budget to acquire and support an internal system. And, because our site is secured with 128 bit SSL (Secured Sockets Layer), you can rest assured that your information is absolutely safe.

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NetDox Overview

NetDox provides easy content retrieval with the accessibility and portability of the Internet. Using a standard Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer TM or Netscape Navigator TM), users can search their document storage applications to display, edit, index, batch index, print, and add annotations to documents.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, end users connect to the NetDox server using a secure username and password. All connections to the server are secured with 128bit SSL. Once the user has authenticated with the server, they can search, view, index, or annotate any document they have access to. Users can choose to view their document in a variety of ways.

The first time a client opens a document on NetDox, an ActiveX viewer control is automatically downloaded on each client workstation, this allows documents to dispaly in their native format and allows end users to access advanced features such as annotations, image resizing, etc. The ActiveX components require a Win32 platform, as well as the installation of the client software, which is automatically downloaded when a user attempts to display a document.

NetDox has been tightly integrated with Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS), allowing NetDox to utilize the latest and most innovative technologies from Microsoft’s Web server product. The web pages are implemented using Active Server Pages (ASP) – a Microsoft technology that combines scripting code (including VBScript and JavaScript) with HTML to create dynamic Web content. In addition, XML is used to store NetDox Server configuration information and to provide users of Internet Explorer 5.x with enhanced functionality.

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NetDox Client Architecture

NetDox Clients connect to theNetDox Server and can search, retrieve, display, add annotations, and edit indexes of existing documents. Multiple remote users can easily view documents with minimal configuration and technical support requirements.

Several aspects of client functionality include thumbnail display, search functionality, index display, and index modification. Each individual user can configure NetDox to represent retrieved documents in the Result Set page using thumbnails or icons. On the Document View page, thumbnails representing the pages of the currently viewed document can also be displayed.

NetDox supports wildcard, list, or expression searches on document indexes to retrieve specific document sets. Wizards are available in NetDox to aid the user in creating the necessary syntax to perform list of values and expression searches. Index and full text searches can be used singularly or in combination to retrieve documents.

Users can view document indexes using the Document Index view and can (with appropriate privileges) modify indexes as needed. When modifying indexes, a user can employ dual data entry, and multiple indexes referencing a single document in those applications that require it.

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Additional Services

Microfilm Scanning — We know that all of your documents aren't necessarily on paper. Do you have documents on microfilm or microfiche that need to be converted to digital images? We can provide this conversion service for you in an image format compatible with your document management system.

System- to- System Transfer — Do you have an old system that you need to replace? There's no need to input the information all over again —GSI can transfer your information from one system to another.


Manage your documents in-house using a complete document management system that is tailored to meet your needs.

GSI will provide you with a state of the art system of scanners, document management software, storage equipment and technical support that allows you to scan, index, store and manage your documents in a more secure and effective manner.

There are three major components that make up a system:

Document Capture— scanners and the software that makes them work
Storage Solutions— where you put your information
Document Management- accessing your information... when and how you need it.

Document Capture:

Scanning your documents

You've got documents and you need to get them into your central document management system. Where to start? With Gsiimage, it's simple.

In partnership with Kofax, a leader in the document capture software industry, GSI can create the perfect system for your company or improve the one you already have.

Storage Solutions:

Storing your information for secure, easy access.

Now that you don't need that large warehouse for all of your documents anymore —where do you put your newly scanned and indexed information? With GSI you can choose from one of many storage solutions. Our technical experts have over 10 years experience in mass storage and can recommend the right storage solution for your environment.

Partnering with industry leaders like EMC, Qualstar, HP, Plasmon, and Legato you can rest assured that your critical information is safe, secure, and ready for immediate retrieval.

Document Management:

Accessing your information.

Now that you've scanned, indexed and stored your information — how do you get to it? GSI, in partnership with Legato software, gives you the perfect solution

Legato is a global leader in storage, content and messaging data management technology. The following software is part of the Legato XtenderSolutions family of products developed to allow you to manage and access the information you need most, immediately.

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Tech Support

With GSI, your technical worries are a thing of the past. We provide complete system support for all of our products, systems and services. If you have any technical questions or problems, our expert technicians are here to solve it in a timely and efficient manner.

Onsite Hardware Service — If you buy a product from us, we'll make sure it's running to the best of it's ability and works within your in-house system

Unlimited Telephone Technical Support — Our technicians are available to you by telephone as often as you need them at

Internet Technical Support — You can reach us via email or remote login at

Dispatch Hardware and Software Support — No matter what the product or system, we will either send one of our own technicians or find a product specific technician to fix it onsite.

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