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One of the key contributions to our successful relationships with our clients is the philosophy we apply towards our employees. Gateway aims to provide the most desirable work environment for its employees, the guiding light being our Five Point People Strategy:

GSI places a strong emphasis on our valuable human resources. We are very proud to provide our employees with outstanding benefits. Our policies and benefits are designed to provide incentives and to reward excellent job performance.

We maintain an "open door" policy, and encourage employees to make suggestions that may aid in our continuous improvement and welcome employees who enjoy challenging assignments and constantly strive for a higher standard of professionalism.

The following benefits apply to our full time employees and are occasionally subject to change.

Health Insurance

All employees are eligible to select from Medical, Dental and/or Vision Insurance for themselves and family members from the date of hire.

Life Insurance

All employees are eligible for Company paid $25,000 Life and Accidental Death or Dismemberment Insurance the day they join GSI.

Flexible Spending Plan

All employees are eligible to participate in our Flexible Spending Plan. Under this plan, you may put aside pre-tax money to use to pay for medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan/Tax Benefit

Employees are eligible to participate in our 401(k) plan at date of hire. They may contribute up to 15% of their salary on a tax-deferred basis up to the annual maximum set by the IRS. Employees are able to choose among a wide variety of investment options in order to achieve their personal financial goals. The tax benefits of the plan are excellent as well.

Accrual of Vacation/Sick Time

Certain classifications of employees may accrue up to five days of paid vacation per year during their first two years of service. At two years of service or above, there is an accrual of up to ten vacation days. Employees may accrue up to a total 20 vacation days.

All employees are also eligible to accrue up to five paid sick days per year.

Referral Bonus

Employees classified as technical may earn up to $500 bonus for the referral of a new full time, salaried technical employee.

  • We will pay a referral bonus of $500 if the applicant successfully completes 90 days of service.
  • You will also be eligible for an additional $500 if the applicant remains on the initial project for more than 180 days.
  • A referral bonus $500 may be earned for referring a consultant or an hourly employee.
  • Any time you refer a new end client to Gateway Solutions, Inc. and that company receives at least 90 days of billable service, you will be paid a cash bonus of $1000.
  • A $500 bonus is paid for an opening at an existing client, upon successful completion of at least 90 days.

Educational Assistance

During the first two years of service, interest free loans may be made available for the cost of additional education in the areas of Gateway's business. For employees with more than two years of service, up to $1,000 may be made available to help pay for costs of additional education in areas Gateway does business. We may also reimburse pre-approved software and technical books and materials purchases up to a certain limit per year.

Permanent Residence or Green Card

We go out of our way to process permanent residency applications for eligible employees after Six months of service. If you come from afar, we want you to be healthy and happy right here.
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