Assessment and Management

Assessment and Management Many companies require development of specialized applications and must grapple with the decision of whether or not to outsource this development. GSI has a system for evaluating whether or not to outsource the development of a particular application, and whether to use off-shore firms or not. This methodology can save 25% to 50% in development of IT systems, and reduce the risk of development at the same time

GSI Consulting Group has a cadre of senior experts experienced in handling outsourced projects. These experts can come into an organization and identify those applications that would be most successful in an outsourced, and even an off-shore environment. This is a short, usually two-week effort. This assessment step reduces the risk of taking outsourcing the wrong application.
GSI has thoroughly researched, certified and pre-approved a variety of American companies and approximately 40 off-shore companies in all parts of the world. After identifying the applications most suitable for outsourced development, we can work with our clients to select the best-fit vendor that has prior experience in your application and your software and hardware platforms. This significantly increases the probability of a successful implementation.
As a final step, we will work with the client in contract negotiations, and provide strong, experienced project management, while monitoring the project work that is being.

Document Conversion Services

Document conversion consists of scanning document images and converting them into electronic digital data, which is then transferred into a new format, and media for use in a document imaging, retrieval and storage system. This addresses the "backfile and day-forward conversion" of documents, which includes both file and data format and media conversion. It does not include data processing and communications equipment (e.g., digital computers, display devices, software, LAN/WAN networks) which may be employed in a document imaging, retrieval and storage system. The types of DCS may include, but are not limited to

Project evaluation or discovery
Optical mark scanning
PDF electronic file forms
Web hosting
Systems Development and Integration

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